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Are you ready to receive an

unforgettable Erotic Experience?

You will be pleasurably pampered, deeply nurtured and exquisitely touched like you never have been before, while experiencing sensual/erotic playfulness and profound healing. As a master masseur, I integrate many forms of touch, with 10 years experience as a CMT. I specialize in a Thai-like style of massage I’ve created, using my whole body to massage your whole body at times. Your session(s) can be more focused on therapeutic relaxation or more erotic stimulation and exploration or a balanced mixture. I'm always very open to mutual touch and stimulation during our time together. 



  My speciality is taking someone on a 3 Hour Journey! I also specialize in working with Bi-Curious Menby creating a safe and comfortable experience to explore their sensuality with another man.


See what the pioneer of erotic massage says about my work:

I was stretched, moved and danced with an inordinate level of mastery, ease, fluidity and presence -- both my body and being were fully met. I remain in awe of his approach to Pelvic Release." -- Joseph Kramer, founder ofBodyElectric andThe New School of Erotic Touch