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There are a few approaches to Pelvic Bodywork which is sometimes referred to as Pelvic Release. I stray from that term, as it can easily be misinterpreted to intend ejaculation. In my approach to Pelvic Bodywork arousal is fully accepted but my intent is not to stimulate or run erotic energy during this work. This normally does transition into more stimulating touch including prostate stimulation but my intent is to work with the pelvic area therapeutically, approaching it anatomically as part of the body, working with it as I would a shoulder blade.

As you may know through receiving massage or other avenues, the body tends to hold emotions and trauma in certain parts of the body. Since the pelvic area is so linked to our sexuality which is one of our deepest emotional centers, it is quite common to have some level of conscious or unconscious emotions or trauma attached to the pelvic area, that may be released through Pelvic Bodywork.

The pelvic area is also the foundation or center of almost all of our essential physical movements, yet LMT/CMT’s avoid this part of the body for obvious reasons. So through Sensual/Erotic Massage there is obviously the openness to incorporate working with the pelvic area externally and possibly internally.

"Externally" refers to working with the muscle insertions along the pubic area, pubic bones, hips, groin, gluteal fold, gluteal split and sacrum. Basically I’m bringing all strokes, especially those of the inner thighs, to the insertions of the muscles and fully integrating the pelvic area as part of body.

"Internally" refers to working with all of the muscles of the pelvic bowl including the muscle insertions of the sit bones and tail bone. Internal work is obviously done via the anus which can take some time to slowly work with the most comfort. I highly suggest committing to a 2 hour session or longer if you wish to fully incorporate Pelvic Bodywork into your session.